Saturday, 21 March 2015

Student Blogging: Houses and Buildings

This is the task I designed for my students' blogs to get them to recycle vocabulary on topic "Houses and Buildings". As you know, the wordlist usually includes the names of various types of houses, parts of a house etc. So I was thinking about a task that would somehow encompass using as many of those words as possible. Finally, I managed to come up with this one, which proved to by lots of fun for many students. As a little addition to their writing they had to paste a short video (up to 1 minute) they had to shoot themselves.


- imagine you're an alien who finds him/herself on earth and has to send a message to his/her friends about a place where they can find him/her;

- fortunately, you find yourself near a building (of your choice), so you need to make a video of it showing as many details as possible (outside and/or inside) (up to 1 minute);

- in your blogpost, you will describe a building, some details of the surrounding area and/or story related to it.

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