Thursday, 19 March 2015

Student Blogging: Body Language

The task for students' blogs on the topic "Body language" included taking pictures and pasting them in the blog. As long as it was one of the tasks in the first term some students still had to learn how to do it. However, they could go further and try the tool called to add speech bubbles. It proved to be lots of fun for many, especially those who tried to take pictures of their groupmates or roommates. 


1. Your blogpost will be based on the observations of your groupmates as well as other students (and teachers too if you will) regarding body language they use in different situations. Be observant!

2. Take several pictures of people using their body language to include in your post (make sure you get their permission first). They may logically fit in your narration or you me provide them with additional comments. You may also add captions to your pictures using this site:

It might look like this:


Sites to learn about body language:

3. Watch the video and write out the tips presented by the speaker and use this information in your post. Remember to use active vocabulary.


Some works of my students:


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