Tuesday, 3 March 2015

Vocabulary Course: Resources On Word Formation

Can anyone imagine a vocabulary course without a stopover in the word formation? It's hardly possible. Besides, this issue obviously deserves more time than just a flying visit. Fortunately, I can take advantage of students' independent work and have a bit of a flirt with "flipping" my classroom. That's what it took me this time.

Step 1. Load them before the class. 
As I only have one class to discuss word formation, I decided to load my students beforehand to reap the fruit of their effort during the class. This is what was on their menu:

1Check out this site with the ENORMOUS table full of roots, suffixes and prefixes:

2. Watch these videos and note down roots and affixes mentioned in them

3. Get some practice with the following quizzes on Quizlet:

Step 2. Lots of practice during the class.

In the class, we mainly focused on the exercises in the book and finally did a matching activity.

The worksheet can be downloaded HERE.

Step 3. A creative follow-up.

1. Choose a quote you like that contains a word with a Greek or Latin root.
2. Use one of these sites to create a postcard with the quote of your choice:
3. Paste the picture you created in your blog.
4. Write your reflection (180-200 words) on the quote using  words that contain affixes or roots we have discussed in the class. 

Here's an example:

Some samples of my students' creativity:

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