Friday, 27 March 2015

Student Blogging: Fakebook Profiles

This is the task my students had to fulfil for the topic "Media, News and Celebrity". In the class, we had a discussion about freedom of speech. The questions I used can be found on the site ESL Discussions.

As far as the task for their blogs is concerned, they had to use Fakebook to create a profile of a celebrity they like.


Imagine that a world celebrity (of your choice) paid a visit to your college/school (the reason and purpose are also up to you). You have to create a fake facebook profile of this celebrity with his/her updates concerning this visit (up to 250 words, 20-25 active words and expressions) and embed it in your blog. Remember to add pictures and/or videos, as well as his/her friends' comments to make it more interesting.

Use this tool:

Here's one of the existing profiles of Johnny Cash:

Some works of my students:

Dylan O'Brien by Hanna 
Audrey Hepburn by Alina
Mila Kunis by Sasha

More on student blogging:

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