Friday, 16 May 2014

A Fun Video Activity

I used this activity with my students when we began the unit about communication to illustrate how stories get distorted as they are passed on from one person to another. However, there can be much more to this activity depending on your class goals and a video you will choose. Apart from any instructional goals, this activity is lots of fun for students.


First three volunteers are needed. Then the three of them leave the classroom. While they are outside you play a piece of video (preferably a small story or a "scketch" with many details). You and your students discuss the story, paying attention to the details.
Then you call one of the ones outside (A). Your students volunteerly tell A the story. A can't ask anything!! Call another student outside (B). A tells B all ths story, and for sure he will invent details or
give other information. Then you call the other student outside (C). Then B tells C the story. It's really fun seeing how stories can be changed!!!

Then C tells the class the whole story. At the end all of you see the video again and discuss the wrong information!

I chose this video for my class and we were bursting with laughter!

the idea for the task is taken from

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