Sunday, 11 May 2014

A Video on Travel

Here's a video on the topic "Travel and Tourism" I used with my students a couple of times. The video is made by a British filmmaker and adventurer Graham Hughes. For more of his videos and etra information you might want to check out his YouTube channel or his blog.

Before watching a video, I write down a list of words and expressions that I would like students to use later.

The Wordlist:

to travel on the cheap/ on a shoestring
to travel light
to take a load of stuff
to be mugged
to be ripped off
counter-intuitive (decision)
a godsend
it's a must
to save a bundle
this is a no-brainer
to blag a students card
to overland it
to sneak in
to have something up your sleeve
for buttons
to haggle

Elicit the meanings, otherwise have them use the vocabulary.

The Video "How to Travel on the Cheap":

The Follow-Up.

1. Ask students which points they found most useful/funny/unusual etc (encourage to use the words from the wordlist!)
2. Have the students write a paragraph summing up the most interesting points.
3. Discussion time. Looking back at students' travelling experiences and what tips they give to people who want to travel to the same destinations.

More to add to your class:

Find ideas for discussion questions here.
Find idioms related to travel here.
Find infographics on travel here

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