Friday, 16 May 2014

English for Kiddos

Recently, I've been asked about links that could be used when teaching English vocabulary to children. So here's the list: - I particulary like this one as it provides both interactive activities and printable worksheets. The range of grammar and vocabulary topics perfectly suit children's level. Besides, it's fun! - this site enables you to create vocabulary worksheets on a range of topics while providing and opportunity to vary the set of words for the worksheets. Together with a great choice of formats of tasks this makes this site one of my favourites. - this site provides resources, both interactives and printables, for different levels of learners. Extremely easy to use and versatile. - a very colourful and fun resource from British Council, lots of flash games, stories and crafts. - a collection of interactive spelling games. Other than that, there's a whole bunch of games for different subjects. - a great collection of games for learning vocabulary arranged by topic. - a treasure chest of interactive games, classroom activities, printable worksheets and much more.

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