Sunday, 11 May 2014

Videos on Education

Here are some great videos I used in the classroom with my students when we were discussing different aspects of education.

First off, students get to know what the videos are going to be about.

Video #1 - Peculiarities of education in Finland (BBC News)
Video #2 - College trap (ABC News report on students' debts)
Video #3 - Learning English with Obama's speeches (CNN Student News)

Pre-watching tasks:

1. In pairs, students write 2-3 questions  about what they expect to find out from each video.
2. Students are asked to note down 2-3 words and expressions from each video that they want to use.


Video 1.

Video 2.

Video 3.

Post-watching tasks (after each video).

1. Students share their questions and answer them. A teacher may ask other questions to make sure that students comprehended every aspect of information.

2. Compilation of a wordlist from the words and expressions that students noted down. As a follow-up task, students may be asked to write a paragraph to sum up the main points of the videos using words and expressions from the compiled wordlist.

2. Discussion time.

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