Saturday, 14 February 2015

Student Blogging: Vocabulary Sci-Fi

When I was to design a vocabulary course I decided I would take advantage of web-technologies and the opportunities they provide for language learning. In some of my posts (here and here), I was trying to put together a list of approaches and tools that appealed to me. Now, that I've covered half of the way, I feel like sharing some practices I've applied, especially that they proved to be working for my students. Therefore, I'm going to present the tasks they had to accomplish in their blogs. 

Blog Assignment:

In your post “Vocabulary Sci-Fi”, you will be addressing your peers from the past (20-30 years ago) explaining to them what opportunities you have today to learn English. 

Apart from that you will have to incorporate these elements in your story:

- choose a word (from Unit 1 in Upstream) to make a word map (graphwords.comand insert the picture in your blogpost.

- Use another word to look up the collocations in “just the word”, create a word cloud (wordle.netand insert the picture in your blogpost.

- Choose one expression to find example sentences in, limit your search to the topic of “Education”. Choose one sentence to see the source article and copy one paragraph. In this paragraph, highlight several collocations that you found interesting. 

- Choose 10 words/expressions from the text “The theatre for the deaf” (p. 14-15.) to create a flashcard set in Quizlet ( Paste the link in your post.

Here are some posts by my students with the task described above:


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