Wednesday, 18 February 2015

A class with vocabulary web-tools

In my previous post, I shared a task I had designed for my students to have them use web-tools for exploring and learning vocabulary. However, I believe it would be incomplete without sharing the outline of the class I'd had with them prior to giving them the assignment. This outline was published in our class blog, so at the beginning of the class my students would open it to follow the instructions.


Online dictionaries

Open these links to online dictionaries and look up the meaning of the same word using both of them:

        What do these dictionaries have in common?
        What are distinguishing features of each of them?
        Which dictionary do you think you are more likely to use? Why?

Visualising vocabulary

Open the site

        pick up a word from the list: access, challenge, address, language (or any other from your vocabulary notebook)
        paste it on the given page
        observe the wordmap:
o       How many related concepts are there?
o       How many verbs/nouns/adjective are there?
o       How many different meaning fields can you see?
o       Click on one of the related words. What happens?
What is your impression of this site?
In which situations are you likely to use it?

Collocations Quest

        What are some opportunities does this site give?
        Try each of the options.
        What feedback would you give after using this site?
        How useful may it be to you as a language learner?

        Choose a word to input from the list: language, speak, contact.
        What types of collocations can you see?
        How many of them are familiar to you?
        What happens when you click on a collocation?
        What happens when you click on “View as a wordle” button?
        What is your opinion of this tool? Would you use it regularly

It’s all about context

        Choose a collocation from the previous exercise and enter it on this page
        What opportunities does this site give you?
        What additional options can you find in the left side menu?
        Go to the source of one of the sentences. What is the article about?
        What is your impression of this tool? How may it be useful for a language learner?

Practice makes perfect

Click on this link:
        What method of learning and revising vocabulary is this site based on?
        What options for studying vocabulary can you find on this site?

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