Wednesday, 11 February 2015

Grammar Links

Earlier today,  a former student of mine asked me if I could recommend some sites where her teenage friend could practice grammar. As a result of "digging" my pages I came up with quite a comprehensive list. So, here you go!

Grammar rules, interactive exercises, videos, infographics.

Video lessons, grammar and vocabulary exercises, tips, common mistakes.

Grammar and vocabulary exercises, study tips, tests and much more. Plus Business English section.

Collection of grammar rules, interactive exercises and games. 

A comprehensive collection of grammar rules, exercises (online and downloadable) and many useful tools.

An impressive grammar guide with exercises.

A great grammar reference with lots and lots of activities.

An amazing resourse full of grammar exercises (online practice and downloadable worksheets).

A grammar directory where you can choose exercises according to levels and topics.

A wonderful collection of grammar exercises of different types.

Grammar rules and interactive exercises.

Lots of interactive exercises PLUS activities for young learners.

An absolutely fascinating collection of grammar and vocabulary activies for different levels.

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