Wednesday, 30 April 2014

Foreign Languages and Media (Newsletter)

Here's an amazing newsletter from German educational institutions in Saarbrucken with the focus on using media (editor - J.Wagner). The range of topics presented is impressive (includes tips on teaching English, French, Spanish and professional development)! Take a look at the content in English section:

  • Cartoons: Geoffrey Hill's "The English Blog"
  • Sean Banville: Breaking News English
  • News from Anglotopia
  • Daily Writing Tips
  • Do You Make These Cultural Mistakes When You Speak English?
  • Links for English Teachers from J├╝rgen Wagner
  • Youtube Videos for the English Class (focus on British slang)
  • News from Easy Pace Learning
  • Pronunciation resources for independent English language learners
  • Interactive Digital Clock
  • Meals and Meal Times in English-Speaking Countries
  • News from ESOL-courses
  • 16 Strange And Surprising Facts About Medieval England
  • EFL classroom
  • Mixed bag of EFL-links
Ta very much, Herr Wagner! 

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