Tuesday, 22 April 2014

David Bowie

This is going to be my first post on David Bowie, the first one of many to come.
David Bowie is a very special character for me, first of all because of inspiration his personality brings into my life. 
Born in 1947, this outstanding perfomer managed to redefine rock music and set new standards of showmanship. He is often referred to as "chameleon" of rock music as he constantly reinvented his image throughout his career often leaving behind commercially successful projects and trends. He's always been curious to try out new ways and combine things that no one else before him dared to. His experiments with his image and music brought him immense fame but he always likes to emphasize that what he's always been trying to do was strive for excellence of artistic expression. Apart from his musical and acting talent, David Bowie is a man of exceptional intellect, sense of humour and wit. Watching his interviews is one of my guilty pleasures, of which, though, I never feel guilty. 
This Bowie's interview is one of the first I've watched and I still enjoy it tremendously.

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